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Latest news about Peugeot 3008

What's new: the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid 4

Peugeot unveiled at the Motor Buenos Aires a new model.

Not only is the first "crossover" hybrid Peugeot, but also the first in the world to combine an electric motor with a combustion of diesel and naphtha.

The name means exactly HYbrid4 hybridization of an internal combustion engine 2.0 L HDi FAP 163 bhp with an electric motor with a maximum power of 27 kW (37 hp). Taken together, give an output of 200 hp and as they say from Peugeot, achieved decrease by up to 35% consumption levels reported

But in addition to innovations in the propulsion system, will be the first in the range of the lion that has all-wheel drive four-wheel drive.

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New Peugeot 3008 Premium 2 Anniversary Edition

Peugeot wants to celebrate the two years since the market began its 3008, the automotive blend of minivan and compact crossover, which seemed a bit odd at first, but quickly stalled as it is a reliable and excellent quality.

At stud, this is the edition "Anniversary Premium 2", which proposes for Peugeot us 18,900 euros for the Premium 2 Anniversary VTI 1.6 petrol engine 120 hp, coupled with the manual gearbox 5-relationships.

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Peugeot takes sustainable mobility Expomanagement 2011

For Peugeot, sustainable mobility is not only the reconfiguration of urban spaces is a new way of facing the future and ensure the cohesion of citizens, governments and institutional and corporate agents, under a vision that integrates requirements, respect for the environment environment, emotion and connectivity in the cities.

The company offers since December a new 100% electric vehicle, the ion, and by the end of the year the world's first hybrid diesel, the 3008 HYbrid4. Both models, along with the rest of the range and supply of scooters, bicycles and accessories, available through the mobility program, Mu by Peugeot, implemented and in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​along with other major European cities.

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Aconcagua of the Obelisk

Ten teams of adventure and a set of fans crossed 1,500 kilometers in four days and played a variety of disciplines, combining in-vehicle links to official, the Peugeot 3008.

The team "South Central Los Gigantes" took the victory and the prize of $ 15,000, crowned champion of the longest adventure race in South America.

From the Andes mountains, crossing rivers, steep slopes, waterfalls and gravel roads, asphalt until the City of Buenos Aires Buenos Aires from 4 to 7 May, was held on Eco Peugeot 2011.

Ten teams were mixed adventure of three members, where two competing and the third played the role of assistant in the Peugeot 3008 crossover actors, chosen for their experience and good performance results.

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The reliability of renowned German Peugeot

The ADAC, the first automobile association in Europe, has published its annual review of car breakdown statistics. The 2010 study, the result of analysis of the statements made ​​4.25 million last year among members of the German automobile club, confirms the reliability of the Peugeot.

Among the models in the Peugeot range currently marketed in Germany, the ADAC report have been valued for its strong presence in the German fleet, the 107, 207 and 308, which reach the podium in their respective categories.

The 3008 and 5008, despite its strong rise in Germany in 2010 still do not reach significant volumes that allow them to be analyzed in the study ADAC.

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